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Organized by the Macao Labor Affairs Bureau, the “Youth Career Expo 2023” was held on September 27th and 28th at the Galaxy International Convention Center, with participation from 60 companies and organizations in healthcare, modern finance, high-tech, exhibition, trade, culture, and sports industries.

The Expo featured 18 thematic seminars. Micro Connect Macao Financial Assets Exchange (MCEX) was invited to host one seminar titled “Cultivating Macao Financial Talents, Building an Exchange to Support Small and Micro Enterprises.” Mr. Mok Lei Gong, head of trading services of MCEX, shared Micro Connect’s growth stories and emphasized the importance of fintech talent in MCEX’s development.

During the seminar, Mr. Mok provided a detailed introduction of MCEX’s business model, further enhancing participants’ understanding of the innovative asset class known as Daily Revenue Obligation (DRO) and the operation of the world’s first revenue share exchange. As a fast-growing exchange, MCEX also provides many career opportunities for young talent in Macao.

Mr. Mok said, “The Micro Connect family consists of employees from diverse professional backgrounds, including finance, information technology, consumer retail, and other fields. MCEX has a young and energetic team committed to creating a new financial market. We are always seeking proactive candidates who are eager to excel and passionate about the vision and mission of Micro Connect, regardless of their academic background.”

The seminar attracted approximately about 100 Macao students and young professionals, who gained valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the modern finance industry. MCEX will continue to actively recruit versatile talent, connecting “big capital” with “small business” through innovative financial infrastructure.


Lei Lai Keng, head of employment department at the Macao Labor Affairs Bureau, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mok Lei Gong, head of trading services at Micro Connect Macao Financial Assets Exchange (MCEX)


This seminar attracted nearly a hundred young students from Macao, who gained fruitful insights from the event

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